Building a Proactive Relationship with the Press

Proactive press relationships are crucial to the success of a business. Being proactive requires creating a plan that contains the news outlets, the message and a schedule of potential news items. Your company’s news can take the shape of press releases, bylined articles, or interviews. Topics can include:Surprised business people reading newspaper

  • Predicting new trends
  • Hiring new employees
  • Establishing a new customer base
  • Highlighting community work
  • Launching new products

Before you send out any type of communication to press contacts, do your research. First, determine your company’s target audiences, and then figure out which outlets are the best fit for reaching those select groups. Further studies will reveal what specific journalists cover your areas of expertise, and you can begin to give them timely news information and story ideas.

Being proactive with the press means consistently executing your plan by getting the information out to the press, and working on creating news for your business. If you are unable to manage the plan, then designate a staff member or an outside consultant to handle your press relations. This ensures that you are consistently delivering valuable news to ratchet up your position with key journalists.

Your business can gain valuable information by tracking the press. You can familiarize yourself with current news trends to determine where your news fits in. You can also research your competitors and work to ensure your message is unique. Getting your name in the news is a validation of your reputation as a leader, so keep clippings of your company’s press to use as sales or investor materials.

The press is a powerful resource. By developing a proactive relationship with the press, you have the chance to become one of the go-to sources for a broad range of topics and further expand your searchability and online footprint.




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