And to All a Good Night: The Santa Claus Story – The Back Story and What We Can Learn from His Side of the Sleigh

Santa ClausSanta Claus, President of Christmas, Inc. 

There are many origin stories for the man who would be Claus and we will just summarize by saying that he has been a force for good across many centuries and cultures.  His work continues to inspire many and the sight of him still puts a bit of magic back into the season even for the Christmas weary.


And to All a Good Night: What We Can Learn From His Side of the Sleigh

Santa Claus, President of Christmas, Inc. 

When in Doubt, Give Someone a Chance: Who would think elves could build a zillion toys and tackle big jobs like managing a team of high spirited reindeer?  Sometimes the underdog can deliver in a big way.

When there is a Choice, Choose Nice:  Being naughty can be a quick thrill, but lasting joy comes from being nice.

Help Those in Need:  My trip would be a lot shorter if I just delivered to my family, but I reach out to everyone and in giving I receive.

Say Thank You:  Thank you is a powerful bridge builder, use it to complete the circle when others are generous.

With that, we welcome you to 2013 and say thank you to all our clients, friends and allies and wish you the best year ever!

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