April Fool’s* Guide to Purposeful Posting

If you are trying to drive sales down, use the first three bullets.  If you are trying to drive sales up, use the second set.  Here are our April Fool’s Day recommendations to social media mastery:


  1. Ignore the conversation:  No matter what the issue your customers post to your site, post the content that you planned to use in the yearly plan.  What department do they think you are in – Customer Service?
  2. Make rash generalizations:  Offend everyone equally by not understanding the nuances of your audience.
  3. Abandon your channels for extended periods: Only post in fits and starts and then wonder why you are not the social media darling with products flying off the shelves.

In the real world, and for the rest of the year:

  1. Have a plan: Map out your editorial calendar for the year, tying to key industry events or seasonality.  Be ready to modify the plan as the conversation shifts or as new events occur.
  2. Less is more:  Use pictures, video and well written, engaging copy.  If an infographic tells the story – all the better.
  3. Use original content: Repurposing and sampling has its place, but you have a unique perspective, share that with your audience.  If you hate to write or don’t have the time, hire an expert.

* April Fool’s Day is a day on which people play tricks on each other.  Just in case some of our audience is not familiar with the term.  Wouldn’t want to make a rash generalization.

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