86% of Customers use Organic Search to Find Services: Are You On Google Page 1?

Businesses that are covered on a broad range of sites improve their SEO dramatically. Online media relations can diversify your online footprint and drive you onto Google Page 1. How do you get onto page 1? Hire K Squared. Leave the rest of the work to us. If you are a do-it-yourselfer – follow these tips:


Packaging Your News:

• Emails with powerful subject lines and news detail up front might get noticed. Journalists and bloggers get 100’s of emails. Make yours stand out.

• It takes 150 milliseconds to process an image, so a quickly digestible infographic delivers your message quickly. Video emotionally engages audiences. Help journalists and bloggers deliver your news by proving multiple formats.

Research The Outlets:

• What publications does your target audience subscribe to, or read on a regular basis?

• How does your target audience get most of their news? Do they acquire news via the web, social media sites such as Twitter, or are blogs their preferred platform?

Research the Journalists and Bloggers:

• Has the journalist, blogger, or tweeter written on your area of expertise in the past?

• Find out each contact’s preferred method to receive news; is there a particular time of day, or day of the week to reach out to each contact?

Develop a distribution list and schedule:

• Include contact information for each of the identified media outlets. Media relations firms have access to specialized databases, with in-depth information regarding industry specific publications and their staff writers, freelancers and bloggers.

• Make sure you have ongoing news of value to convey. Don’t know what news you have? Review paragraph one.

Improving your company’s visibility in the press takes time and careful planning. Your company can achieve a successful press outreach by making sure the content you send is of value and is delivered in a way that serves your contacts’ interest.




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