Best Practice Tip #2: How to Keep the Media Happy

The mediaThe media isn’t as scary as you think. Unless you give them good reason to hang up on you, of course. This month, make a journalist or blogger happy by following these four keys to media success.

Timing: Know when and how media folks want to be contacted. They have a million communication channels to manage – email, phone, text and social media pipelines.  Stand out by making it convenient and easy for them to work with you.

Speed: Promptly return all media phone calls. They are often working on a quickly approaching deadline, and when it passes you may never have another chance to contribute to that story, or be used as a source for that journalist or blogger.

Preparation: Be prepared for every encounter you have with the press, whether it is a formal interview, a tradeshow or an impromptu call. Know the two key points you want to make and rehearse the answers to the ten most likely questions, especially including the ones you’d rather they didn’t ask.

Background: The journalist or blogger can’t be an expert in every arena, so help them understand the value your company or product delivers, why this information is news and how it fits into the big picture.

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