CALENDAR ALERT: July 22, Spoonerisms Day

The man’s name was Reverend William Archibald Spooner.  Whatever he may have wished to accomplish in his life, he is most famous for the fact that he routinely mixed up words in his sentences, often with hilarious results.  July 22 is his birthday and he has become so famous for his fouled up syntax that the term Spoonerisms has been named after him and July 22 has become Spoonerisms Day.

A Spoonerism is something you probably have done and not even realized it.  In fact, most Spoonerisms are accidental in nature.  They certainly were for the Rev. Spooner.  For example, he was once rumored to be performing a wedding and said to the groom:  “Son, it is now kisstomary to cuss the bride” instead of “customary to kiss the bride.”  He is also credited for the phrase “a blushing crow” instead of a “crushing blow.”  He was also reported to have told someone, a student, that they had “tasted two worms” instead of “wasted two terms.”

It’s a good day to remember how a message can get easily twisted around and end up meaning something entirely different from what you had intended.  This can be something humorous, but given a big enough audience and an outrageous enough mistake, it can be disastrous.  Keeping your message clear and concise is important to your business.  Otherwise you might end up tasting your wime…er…wasting your time.

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