Clothes Call: The Back Story

Kerry Lynn Spindler from KSpin Design and

Kerry Lynn Spindler, KSpin Design,

Fashion model, skin cancer survivor, advocate and successful entrepreneur best describe Kerry Lynn Spindler’s story to date.  Kerry Lynn started work as a young fashion model and then went on with her father to found a successful domestic air freight forwarder company.  At the time she was very young and didn’t know what failure meant because she was surrounded by more seasoned entrepreneurs, who instilled a belief in her that if they could do it, she could too.

Kerry Lynn moved on to open her own venture capital firm, but closed operations after 9/11. Shortly afterward Kerry Lynn was diagnosed with melanoma.  While in remission, Kerry Lynn needed to do something positive and, for her, fashion was her passion. Kerry Lynn knew that the children’s clothing market was underserved and that the clothes available were not age appropriate.  Kerry Lynn’s KSpin Design creates hand-made, high end clothing for children ages 18 months to 10 years old.

In conjunction with KSpin Design, Kerry Lynn’s provides a platform to educate parents and children about the importance of sun protection and to raise public awareness about skin cancer.  With every order KSpin Design ships a free sunscreen product with additional products being available for sale at  If she can get her message across to children at a young age, that sunscreen is by far your best fashion accessory, she hopes to decrease the incidences of melanoma.

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