Clothes Call: The Big Picture and the Quick Take

Kerry Lynn Spindler of KSpin Designs and

Kerry Lynn Spindler, KSpin Design,

Kerry Lynn Spindler created KSpin Design which focuses on age-appropriate, hand-made children’s clothing.  Kerry also founded, which helps educate parents and children about the dangers of sun damage.

The Quick Take

Best Advice:  Value your employees, because your success is based in part on the team you bring on board.

Greatest Failure: Kerry Lynn found it very difficult to delegate early in her career.  She has seen many people get caught up in what inspires them and they feel there is no one else that can execute their vision.

Greatest Success: Kerry Lynn’s greatest success is a testament to how she overcame what she felt was her greatest weakness.  By reaching out to people and asking for advice, she still has relationships with clients and partners that she has worked with for the past 20 years.

What Makes Kerry Lynn Crazy:  Senseless politics, a decline in resources available to small business owners, and an increase in cost of hiring in small business.

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