Clothes Call: What We Can Learn from Her Side of the Desk

Kerry Lynn Spindler of KSpin Designs and

Kerry Lynn Spindler, KSpin Design,

What We Can Learn from Her Side of the Desk

  • Believe in Yourself.  Never take someone else’s opinion as your own.  If you feel strongly about starting a business, start it.
  • Stay the Course.  Don’t expect to race to the finish line.  There is a perception that the minute you open your business the phone should be ringing off the hook!  It takes a lot of work to become successful and the key is to surround yourself with a team who believes in the mission and success will follow.
  • Start Small.  You can always build it bigger.   This allows a business to do trial and error on a smaller scale.  You can still reach your goals and be just as successful, if not more so.
  • Give Back.  Corporate charity is hot now and consumers are appreciative of those companies that create a business that not only promotes its own mission, but that also give back to the community it serves.  Kerry Lynn knows firsthand how fulfilling this is, and says that it is what keeps her and her team motivated even on the bad days that all business’ face from time to time.
  • Start Now.  The best time to become an entrepreneur is during an economic downturn.

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