Communication Tip of the Week: The Importance of Communicating Correctly

When it comes to businesses of all types and sizes the fact remains that every day a company has to communicate. It has to communicate with existing clients.  A company needs to communicate with its employees.  It has to communicate with the world to gain more customers and clients so that it can hire more employees.  Communication is key.  However, communication is often where many companies just fall short. 

First, there are many companies that just seem to let communications fall by the wayside.  They don’t take the time to make sure all of their communications are effective or appropriate for the situation. Recently, a phone call had to be placed to a certain cable company because the internet service had gone out.  Although the automated phone system made the caller select, and therefore tell the computer, that they were calling about an internet outage, the recorded messages did not change.  Therefore, calling to complain about an internet outage and hearing “if you would prefer to report a problem by visiting our website, please do so” could probably cause a caller to be more angry and looking to fight once they did speak to a live person.

At the same time it is easy to over-communicate.  Recently a company was looking to do a promotion that involved those folded paper footballs like you probably saw back in school.  While looking up the rules of how to play paper football, they found an article that went into such detail and stated the requirements of the game were so impractical that it was laughable.  How many people really put on safety glasses when having a quick game of paper football around the office?

Sometimes the best way is to be subtle.  Think about the internet giant Google.  Even when they were new to the scene, do you recall seeing a commercial about Google?  The name has now become synonymous with the internet by having a unique name and providing a simple but badly-needed service.  Today, Google is so part of our lives that they have only to change the look of the word GOOGLE on their page to cause much of the civilized world to talk about them, even on the news.  Anything they do is newsworthy and covered in detail, and yet, they do not spend much time doing any actual advertising. 

While not everyone can be Google, every company needs to understand what message they need to get out and the best way to do it.  Is it best to blast it to the entire world or would a more targeted, subtle approach work better?  And if you don’t know the answer, then you should find a company that specializes in communication to help you figure that out.

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