Is Your Communications Plan A Turkey?

Just like a Thanksgiving get together your company’s communications strategy needs some thoughtful planning.  The right audience and the right ingredients will help achieve a successful outcome.  Avoid the following pitfalls when planning either event:

Happy Thanksgiving

Overcrowding: If you have seating for 10, don’t invite the whole neighborhood; you will disappoint and aggravate those that don’t have a seat at table.  To conduct a successful press outreach campaign the same rule applies; deliver your company’s message to targeted editors and industry analysts interested in news you have to offer.

The Late Guest: To wait or not to wait, that is the question?  By all means wait if you enjoy dried out turkey and a lukewarm reaction to the Thanksgiving feast you spent hours slaving over.  Ensuring key messages are consistently rolled out across multiple media outlets in a timely way will allow your company to avoid a lukewarm response to its outreach efforts.

Too Many Sides: “Do you think we made enough food?”  Overdoing the sides detracts from the crowning glory of every Thanksgiving meal; The Bird.  To have the most impact, your company’s message needs to be crisp, clear and concise, allowing the press to get to the “meat” of the story quickly and easily.

Drunk Uncle: The family’s self-appointed spokesperson; he tells the same story again and again, but no one around the table is quite sure what he is trying to say.  Chose your company’s spokespersons wisely; you need smart communicators to navigate any situation and deliver your message professionally.

Cooking up a good communication strategy ensures that all audiences are fully engaged which drives awareness of and preference for your company’s offerings.  Make them want to come back for seconds!

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