Creating an Effective Facebook Page: Part Three – Facebook Landing Pages

From October 11, 2011

It’s all the rage right now. You find out that a company you like has a Facebook page and you click on the link on their website. You soon find yourself on a Facebook page with a special coupon, image or welcome-message. The message has an exciting image, the company logo, or something of that nature, and it invites you to “like” the page and then visit the rest of the offerings on it. It looks slick, as if the company is working hand-in-hand with Facebook to create a specialized, unique customer experience. Your first thought? How do we get one of these for our company Facebook page?

What have landed on there is something called a Facebook Landing Page. If you have spent even a partial amount of time working on your company website, or discussing the website with a webmaster or designer, you have probably heard the term “landing page.” These are special stand-alone pages created for products or services that help, at least in the world of the website, with their Search Engine Optimization. In the world of Facebook, a landing page is a kind of Home Page for the Facebook Fan Page that has an eye-catching image.

There are services out there that can help you set up a Landing Page for free. You click on them, enter a little bit of information about your company, load up a logo and voila! You have yourself a Facebook Landing Page. The question you need to ask yourself first, however, is do I need one? Or, perhaps just as importantly, is having one really necessary at this stage of the game in our social media plan?

Like a lot of trends on the world of social media, the Facebook Landing Page is something that is hot right now. As such, companies are jumping on the bandwagon and signing up to have the fanciest page around. However, what does the rest of their page look like? Once you get past the glitz and the glamour of that page, do they have anything that’s interest to read, or look at, or that will make you want to come back again?

Remember that the key thing that your website needs to be effective is quality content. Therefore, if you are just starting out, don’t get sidetracked by the fancy blinking lights and dazzling special effects that you see around you. What you need to focus on is providing something that people will want to read and come back to see what new things you have up on your site.

Creating a more customized landing page requires someone who knows how to program code. Facebook doesn’t just use regular HTML and other codes that you might have some working knowledge of. They have their own code that requires its own set of rules and training. You also have to be careful what you mention and talk about on your landing page, as Facebook has rules about running contests and things like that on your Facebook page.

That being said, knowing that Facebook Landing Pages exist is a good thing. If you have a site that has been up for a while and you are looking to add something that looks a bit more dazzling, then it might be something to consider. Maybe you could benefit from a page.

Just remember, however, if you are new to the game, there are bigger and more important things to worry about. Worry about finding images, writing articles or finding articles to link to. Worry about promoting your site by adding a link to your email signature or getting a link on your website. Worry about bringing people to your Facebook page and creating things that will keep them coming back.

That’s more than enough for one plate, already, without worrying about coding and creating a fancy landing page.

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