Day 1 – Chicago to Amsterdam – Kate’s Trip to Kenya

I love travel

The possibility of travel

The puzzle

The prep

The plan

The seeing

The doing

The happenstance of who you meet.  Like the nice Czech guy who put my suitcase into the overhead and told me I was dressed too nice (meaning I was a target) – that I looked American.  And of his travels in Eastern Europe and the pretend police.

Before I traveled there was a line between me and the pictures of the faraway places that I saw in magazines.  After my first great adventure when I saw the islands of the Great Barrier Reef sprout up from the ocean that something clicked for me.  Since that day, the wall between what I saw in the picture and what I felt and experienced came down – almost as if I could step inside the image and imagine being there.  The more I travel the more I get a 3D vision of the world.

I know that my life will never be the same.  This trip will change me, help me see what is next.  Just the paring down of my belongings to a 33lbs case is refreshing, challenging, fun.  To think I’ve got all the right stuff and not even off my first flight and my Czech mate tells me I have to rough up my look.

No laptop – just pens and paper. A different experience from my usual keyboard.  Is there life outside of spellcheck?  Unlike my edit, re-edit, building a well crafted line so unlike this untamed word river.

These reports will be a bit off from my usual business blog.  But I think around the animals and observations there will be some things I have come to know – about business and the rest of my world.

Somehow we are flying north enough to enjoy a constant orange mustard ribbon on the horizon.  The world’s longest sunset.

Heading to Amsterdam to my Dutch roots.  So I listen to KLMs Dutch music channel and tune into the Dutch language channel – can I be fluent in two hours??

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