Day 1 – Part Two – Amsterdam and Beyond

Touchdown, take a good walk through the airport with Mandy – stop for syrup waffles – a round wafer soft cookie with a honey filling – a very good Dutch treat.  Even better with the hot chocolate that we get at the gate.

Another round of security and no water allowed in the secure gate area.  747-300 is packed – 60 some rows and 9 across – very close.

Got some sleep on this flight.  Mandy’s friend Jan, who is a pilot for Martin Air, is in Nairobi.  At 6ft tall and blond and blue, he’s easy to pick out in the crowd.  We grab our bags and walk into a sea of greeters and drivers with a zillion signs calling to us – I see a Kate poster – and connect with my driver – only to find out there is another driver for us and this “Kate” driver is for someone else.

Our driver David takes us to his parent’s guest house behind a security gate that the neighbors all pitch in to support.  The security guard has a little fire by his lean-to and opens the spring-loaded gate to let us pass.  We drive by the city’s largest slums and the million dollar homes all within 10 minutes.  After David’s dad John gives us a tour and shows us to our rooms, we have a great meal and settle in.

At 12 midnight – after 20 hours of travel, I am trying to turn on my hot water – but that remains a mystery for the morning.  I freshen up in cold water and retire.  Can I turn off the light at the door and get into my mosquito net draped bed without calamity?  Stay tuned.

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