Day Two – Part One – Waking Up in Africa

Day 2:  Waking up in Africa

Sunday June 19

It might be 608A or 708A as I am still a bit muddled on the time zone and the operation of this throwaway digital wrist watch, but the neighborhood rooster tells me to get up.  I am normally a fussy sleeper, needing ambient light, temperature and sound to be perfect to drift off and then spend the night in one crazy dream after the other, tossing and turning , talking and shouting, and generally an unwelcome roommate.

Last night, under my mosquito net – which I managed to negotiate without harm to net or self in the absolute dark, I fall into a deep sleep and wake three hours later in the exact same spot.  I was like the sleeping dead until the rooster crowed. Outside my window is a lovely walled patio and outside the other window is a walled garden: tropical, tidy and unassuming.

Our host John was wearing a long sleeve shirt, long pants and a ski sweater when he greeted us.  He was concerned about how cold it was for us and found me some slippers to keep my feet warm – even though it was fine and no colder than a Spring day in Chicago.

Today we head off to Nyahururu where David tells us that some of the citizens may have never seen a Caucasian.


Parquet floors

Shoes at the door

Kenyan dust is left outside

Thick stone walls

Cool to the touch

But inside warmth.


 Theme lyric of the morning:

“Here I go again on my own,

goin’ down the only  road I’ve ever known

like a drifter I was born to walk alone.”

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