Infograhic Search Up 800%. Do You Infographic?

Business Presentation With InfographicYou know that content is king, but how you present it can make or break your company’s outreach efforts. How do you make your message stand out from the crowd? Infographics help convey complex information in a reader-friendly way and Google infographic search is up 800% since 2010, so readers are on the hunt.  Here are why infographics make sense:

Instant Connection: By nature, humans make instant connections when exposed to familiar images.  Case in point; a two-thumbs down graphic for a movie review sends an instant message to the reader even if they never read the entire review.  Using graphics to relay your company’s message creates the same immediate response.

Concise:  Replacing lengthy text with self-explanatory graphics allows your audience to quickly interpret your message.  Eye-catching graphics with succinct text piques the readers’ interest and encourages them to review the infographic in its entirety.

Data, data and more data: Board of Directors mandate it, customers request it, employees need it to stay on track; pages upon pages of sales growth and projections, budget reviews etc, infinite checks and balances all in the name of data.  Consolidate it. Infographic it.     Send it.

Shareable: Want your company’s message to go viral?  Given the sharp increase in search volume, when flawlessly executed an infographic has the potential to catapult your company’s message to your target audience.

The numbers alone are compelling; using infographics have become an essential element in your company’s public relations strategy.  As with all outreach the content needs to be visually aesthetic, professionally presented and appeal to your target audience to achieve a successful result


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