Engineering Engagement – The Back Story, Part Two

Steven Spradlin, Actin Web Video

Steve Spradlin is a serial entrepreneur, having run and later sold a wireless company prior to launching Actin Web Video in 2001.

Steve has worked for the big companies, such as Southwestern Bell where he had 400 direct reports, and when starting Actin, he chose to build a better, not bigger, mousetrap.  He knew that to deliver high quality at a low price and compete against large production houses, he’d have to be all digital.  This allowed Actin to deliver high quality web video, just as good as the big guys, but at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the staffing required.  He occasionally hears potential clients wanting to see the flurry of countless staffers, which Steve is happy to provide, at an extra cost of course.  But successful outcomes at Actin do not require fleets of people, just a few of the right people.

Steve was drawn to executive producing because it gave him an opportunity to learn about his client’s businesses, meet new people and be exposed to new information that he might not have explored otherwise.    Then it was off to the next video, meeting new people, learning about their businesses all while having fun and learning new things every day.

Steve is confident that Actin does videos for the web really, really well and can deliver outcomes that exceed client goals.  It’s that engineer in him coming out to make sure the video performs.  Steve doesn’t have to work and maybe that is why he has such a great attitude about it, or as Steve says, “Let’s all enjoy this work.”

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