Engineering Engagement: What We Can Learn From His Side of the Desk

Steve Spradlin from Actin Web Video

Steven Spradlin, Actin Web Video

The  Key trends that Steve sees are:

1.       Globalization
Web development and globalization is an issue because other countries will deliver services and products less expensively.  We try to source locally or in the US and we see the benefit of that.  We win accounts because off shored work might be more generic and we can deliver important nuances in our message delivery.

2.       Future of Video
The popularity of video will dramatically increase and our workflow is set for that.  There will be a rise in 3D, but we have to wait for screen technology to catch up to eliminate the need for glasses.
3.       Cloud computing
Soon cloud computing will eliminate the workstation as a requirement and everything will become more mobile so all materials need to be ready for the mobile format.
4.       Personal Connection
The personal connection trend will grow and that is why video is on the rise.  Beyond just the easy of not writing, customers want a connection.  “If I am picking a doctor, I want to be comfortable with them.”  This will impact a lot of industries because they will make buying decisions based on the engagement.  Video can deliver complex ideas.

5.       Referrals
Many businesses rely on referrals – but if you are solely relying on others to deliver your message, how much do you miss out on because the message did not get delivered.  If they clicked on your site and they did not buy – why not?  Could video have brought a little virtual interaction to your site and made a difference?

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