Establishing Your Company’s Blog

A successful blog can make your company more noticeable by search engines and help demonstrate your expertise. Successful company blogs get their readers to come back by following these simple guidelines:

Keep it short: Blogs are written for the convenience of your readers. When you write the blog, get to the point of your subject by using bullet points or keeping your paragraphs short.

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Create the style: The content of your blog should always be professional and consistent. That being said, you can be a little playful with your word choices or your layout, but never change the main reason for your blog. If your blog talks about trending hotspots around the world, then continue to talk about those places. Remember that using company jargon words can cause confusion to your readers, so try to keep your content readable for your target audience.    

Offer unique information: Your company blog can provide its audience with general information on business. This information could include tips for success, community outreach pieces, employees that go the extra mile, and advances in technology or the company.

Send it out: It’s important to build up an email contact list. The contacts are usually full of people who would be interested in the company blog such as customers, fellow professionals, educators, and even students. RSS feeds and bookmarking can also help drive readership. Highlight the blog topic on social media sites by attaching links that lead directly to the blog and not the company’s main webpage.

Blogs allow your business to get unique and valuable information out to the public. Because of this, blogs are a popular form of communication for businesses, so be sure to differentiate your company’s blog from its competitors by delivering valuable information.

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