Exploring New Opportunities: The Back Story

Jacob Sitati of Maurice + Fischer

Jacob Sitati of Maurice + Fischer

Jacob Sitati, Managing Principal, Maurice + Fischer

Jacob came to the United States from Kenya in 1997 on a full academic scholarship and attended Hope College, John Marshall Law School and Valparaiso University.  Jacob studied Economics and Political Science, Information Privacy and Technology Law and International Commerce and Policy. He also worked in labor and employment law firms for six years and worked in public policy in the insurance industry for 3 years before founding Maurice + Fischer with partners in 2009.

Maurice + Fisher came about because in 2009 Jacob’s contract was not renewed at his place of work during the ongoing downturn in the economy. Instead of looking for just a job, , Jacob got together with friends from emerging markets and came up with an idea that evolved to be his current firm of Maurice + Fischer. The stated goal was to tap into their vast knowledge and networks to help companies interested in venturing into the vast market in the Africa’s space. Through persistence and some luck they have been able grow the business and develop lasting client relationships.

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