Exploring New Opportunities: The Big Picture and the Quick Take

Jacob Sitati of Maurice + Fischer

Jacob Sitati of Maurice + Fischer

Jacob Sitati, Managing Principal, Maurice + Fischer

Jacob Sitati has a vision is to bring business to emerging world markets, such as his native Kenya.  His work with Maurice + Fischer helps companies looking for new opportunities to open up businesses across Africa, bringing jobs, modernization and hope to areas that need it.


The Quick Take:

Best Advice: Make sure the right people know what you do and what you can do.  It’s not how good you are at what you do, and you can be the best, but if the right people do not know about what you can do for them, it will not matter.

Greatest Failure: Not being recognizing when he had lost a deal when it was obvious very early on in the process.  In several cases, early on, he had the signs, but he was not able to realize it was going bad and he continued to waste money and resources on the deal rather than either changing tactics or moving on to something else.

Greatest Success: Bringing some of the very large clients that he has signed up recently on board and willing to expand into Africa.  For example, he recently got a very large utilities company to sign up with Maurice + Fischer rather than another company by explaining how he could help them better than anyone else.

What Makes Jacob Crazy?  Poor response to communication.  Jacob believes that a little courtesy goes a long way.  If you contact someone today and they take days to respond, it can be so frustrating.  It just takes a little bit of courtesy to send an email back to them, tell them when you might have more time to talk.

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