Fraccing – It’s Not Just for Shale Fields Anymore

Quick Poll:

  1. Do you have more than one email address?
  2. Do you visit one or more social media sites?
  3. Do you have more than one phone number?
  4. Do you text, Skpe, or IM?
  5. Do you get information via TV, desktop, tablet and/or mobile device?
Overwhelmed by information?

Overwhelmed by information?

If you answered yes to more than one question, then you are juggling the ever-expanding world of fractured communications.  While fraccing in the natural gas industry is fracturing rock to extract the trapped gas, fraccing in the communications field deals with the 900 ways we receive information and the 9,000 ways we can choose to communicate.  Try the following best practices to address the business issues that fraccing brings, such as:

In Client Communications:  Mirror the tools that your client uses to reach out to you.  There are some people that actually still like to meet face to face and others that won’t want you any closer than an email.

In Employee Communications:  With remote workers, make sure there are tools for collaboration and team building to ensure cohesiveness in the organization.  It’s hard to benefit from process improvement if there isn’t any cross-fertilization.  Consider adapting Agile-based “stand-ups” to catch the daily pulse of the team.

Business Development Communications:  When reaching out to new audiences, freshen up your approach so that you stand favorably out from the crowd.  If your competition is emailing, then try sending a series of dimensional mailings to peak their interest.

Since there are 1,000 channels bombarding you with information, keep organized so you don’t miss key communications and with a good plan, you shale overcome.

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