From Bargain Hunter to Business Owner: What We Can Learn From Her Side of the Desk

Sharon Durso, Owner, Little Ladies Antiques and Collectibles

The Retail Collectibles Perspective


  • When starting a retail business, keep your expenses low and have options in case it does not take off like you dream it will.  Start with minimal inventory and find out what customers want before you overstock.
  • Take some community college classes on starting your own business so you know the management basics.
  • Retail takes time to invest into it to make it a success.  Be prepared for long hours and be ready for the unglamorous side like donning the miners light and work gloves to root through estate sale basements.  “You have to kiss a lot of frogs,” said Sharon.
  • On the world of collecting:  Start with something you really like – you might not make money so if it just the money you are in for, you might be disappointed.   If you do your research and you make money, then you are ahead on both counts.

The Little Ladies Antiques and Collectibles shop has been a Norwood Park mainstay for 20 years.  It serves as a valued retail out on the main street in the neighborhood and a testament to pursuing your passion.  “My business is what I love.  I did what I had to do but then I got to do what I want to do,” Sharon concluded.

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