From Bargain Hunter to Business Owner: The Quick Take

Sharon Durso, Owner, Little Ladies Antiques and Collectibles

Sharon Durso had a store before she had a store.   Her successful Chicago shop opened in 1992, but Sharon has been involved in sales forever and her interest in antiques and collectibles predates the store by a decade or two.

Best Advice:  Enjoy each day and be happy.  Be glad for the good things you have.  I have a lot to be grateful for.  Follow your dream.  Be positive.

Greatest Failure:  Sharon doesn’t focus on failures.  While her life and career have not been perfect, she said that anything she put her mind to, she was able to accomplish.  “I must have been naive, I just struck out on my own and I took each day as it came along,” said Sharon.

Greatest Success:  Without a moment’s hesitation, Sharon says “raising my four kids, they all turned out well and now I have six wonderful grandkids.”

What Makes Sharon Crazy:  Poor customer service.  She’s had helpers that sat and read books instead of tending to customers, and as a self-proclaimed Type A list maker, Sharon knows there is always some work that can be done.

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