From Baseball Player to Astrophysicist: His Side of the Desk

Mark SubbaRao, Ph.D., Space Visualization Laboratory Director, Adler Planetarium

The Astronomer’s Perspective

1. In both science and business, new, powerful and interesting ways to convey information are coming.  It doesn’t matter what the information is, there is going to be a revolution about how we collect, interpret and act on data.  We are testing out and presenting new ways to communicate that are much more fluid and responsive to questions and much more dynamic than typical business-style slide shows.

2.  We have made tremendous strides about what we know about the universe and how we fit in.  From that perspective, worrying about day-to-day annoyances seems unimportant.

3.  There is an inevitable march forward of knowledge and the systematic approach is leaving virtually no stone unturned.

4.  What was once the clockwork universe of Isaac Newton is now seen as crazy and bizarre and interesting.

Equally interesting is that Mark had no response when asked about obstacles he faced.  I think mapping the universe is slightly harder than my day to day work, so if Mark can see past obstacles, perhaps so can I.

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