Giving Small Business a Voice: The Quick Take

The Big Picture

Elliot Richardson, President Small Business Advocacy Council.

Elliot helped establish the SBAC to help small business owners, their employees and those with whom they conduct business to have a voice in local, state and federal politics.  Plus, the group seeks to support its members by providing networking, advertising and promotional opportunities that will sustain those that care enough to stand with small business and hard-working Americans.

The Quick Take:

Best Advice:  Work hard and never give up because there are obstacles to overcome every single day.  I ran for Congress and although I did not win, that became the catalyst for starting the SBAC.

Greatest Failure:  As far as with the SBAC, we created an online bulletin board to start a kind of online community since we figured everyone would like to post opportunities and other things, but it has failed to gain any traction.

Greatest Success:  Our greatest success has been to empower small businesses and provide a vehicle for them to have a voice in local, state and national government.  As a group we are helping to bring down the cost of doing business for our members.

What Makes Elliot Crazy:  Apathy, which is what we are trying to fight with the SBAC.

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