Giving Small Business a Voice: What We Can Learn from His Side of the Desk

Elliot Richardson, president of Small Business Advocacy Council

  1. Life involves risk – there can be no rewards without risk.  Starting a business is a risk.  Putting money into a company and drafting legislation are risks and on and on.  But no changes can be made without taking that risk and putting yourself out there.
  2.  Work hard and never give up – Elliot is proof that you can take a defeat and turn it around into something that is positive and that can affect more than just yourself.  If you give up, you never get the chance to make a difference.  On the other hand, if you keep working hard and never let the world get you down, you can go on to do great things.
  3.  Remove apathy – if you want to change things, you have to care.  You cannot sit on the sidelines and let other people do the work.  Roll up your sleeves and get involved.
  4.  Grassroots efforts can be powerful – Elliot believes that the best way to have an effect on the world is by doing it at a grassroots level.  He says that is what the SBAC is all about.
  5.  Don’t be afraid of obstacles – there are always obstacles, but you need to take them on with passion and vigor.  If you let yourself get distracted by them, you risk defeat and not getting up from that defeat.  Even a defeat can be turned into something good as, with Elliot, an election loss was the catalyst for the SBAC.

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