Go Ogle Your Online Footprint: Exploring the Dark Side

Friends, clients, potential clients, employers and just about everyone else are ogling your online presence – so what can you do to make sure that you show up as you would like to be seen?  First, find out what is out there:

  • Google your name and see what shows up.  Do you even show up at all – or are there just LinkedIn teasers that say that “you can view the profiles of professionals named…”  and other such space wasters that are more advertising than information?  Unless you claim and manage your footprint, others will. Hand-drawn Vector illustration of an Inspector Detective
  • If you are lucky enough to have a less common name, you should command 80% of that first page of Google, or search engine of your choice, as link after link points to a breadth of resources singing your praises.
  • If you have a common name, hope that the rest of the Bob Smiths are not of questionable reputation.  If you want to become the most noted Bob Smith, you need to start posting valuable content.
  • Set up one of the simple tracking tools, such as Google Alerts at the very least, to keep check on what gets added to the online soup.  Tools such as Radian6 by Salesforce are much more robust, so consider a subscription service for more detailed results.

Dealing with the Unfavorable Content

  • Address small issues before or when they start.  It is much easier to put out a campfire than to douse a forest fire.  By getting ahead of the situation you have the chance to come out as a leader and not see your reputation or your company go up in flames.
  • The best way to bury that high school prom picture that someone posted, or less than favorable press mentions, is to layer in more current and more interesting content.  Seek the help of a well respected public relations firm, even for a brief consultation, to get a game plan on what services you need and what you can handle on your own.

Your online presence is going to warm up or cool off prospects, so make sure your footprint demonstrates your experience, your scope of influence and highlights the value you deliver.  If you have questions about how to address your online presence or lack thereof, Google us, then call us  at 773 774 7847 or email Kate Koziol at kkoziol@ksqrd.com to discuss your footprint and how to make it dazzling!




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