Go Ogle Your Online Footprint: Tips for Managing Your Online Presence

Group Exercise:  Could it be that the genesis of name Google is not from the large number googol as it is commonly believed, but from the lesser known phrase “Go Ogle?”  Discuss.

Whether you want them to or not, people are ogling your online presence – so what can you do to make sure that you show up as you would like to be seen?  The key is to build desirable content:

  • staringMost people have a company website, but if you have not already bought the URL for your personal name, and the variations on your name, you should do so.  Even if you never plan to develop it, it is better to own it than to leave it available for development by who-knows-what kinds of businesses.
  • If you want to create a fuller online presence, develop a personal web page that will give a more in-depth showcase of your accomplishments, your interests, your perspective on the world.  Here is an example at katekoziol.com.
  • Either as an individual or as a business owner, launch a press campaign with a well respected public relations firm, say perhaps, K Squared Communications, that can help you promote the key services that your company offers, they key programs and charities that you support, and the key issues on which you want to voice your opinion.
  • Decide what you want your personal brand to be about.  For a little more background on personal branding, here’s a snippet of Kate Koziol presenting at Boston University on Branding.  Many of the same principles can be applied to corporate brand building.
  • A fully developed LinkedIn page is as important as a driver’s license, maybe more so.
  • Make sure there is nothing on any other social media site that you would not want your mom, or others you want to impress, to see/read/hear.

Most people are going to look you up before they call you up, so make sure you show up as you intend.  Next time we will focus on researching and tracking your digital footprint as well as tips on burying unwanted content.  If you have questions about how to address your online presence or lack thereof, Google Kate, then call her at 773 774 7847 or email her at kkoziol@ksqrd.com to discuss how to make your footprint dazzling!





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