Helping Customers Market Your Company

360 Degrees Marketing ConceptCustomers are powerful and free marketers because of their social media contacts. You can develop plans that motivate customers to market your company. It can lead to an increase in public awareness, business rewards and sales. Take a look at a recent example:

The star company: The Chicago Blackhawks enlist their fans to market the team through a program named Fan Ambassadors. Once a person becomes a Fan Ambassador, the Blackhawks send emails to their fans asking them to post the information to their newsfeeds. The Blackhawks keep track of their fans’ postings and give them points for sharing a post, receiving likes and comments and getting others to share it. After a month, the fan with the most points wins a prize from the organization.

The reward: The Blackhawks had difficulty selling tickets to their games before 2008, but now, after restructuring their marketing and public relations strategies, they have over 250 consecutively sold out games, increased their female fan base by 28% and won two Stanley Cups in four years. They are also nominated for Sports Team of the Year by the Sports Business Journal.

Basic plan: Offer an incentive for liking your company’s social media sites and sharing its posts. Free consultations, products or tickets to local events are all incentives that can be offered as winnings for sharing. You can choose the winner through raffles where you include customers that shared, posted, or liked the link. Keep track of your arrangement by setting up a plan with a specific outline of what you posted, what you need to post and who won the incentive.

Customers offer new ways to market your company without having to do all the work. It’s a marketing technique that is becoming popular, so get ahead of your competitors by engaging and enticing your customer base like the Blackhawks did. You don’t have to win the Stanley Cup to make your program successful, but it doesn’t hurt.

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