Honda Looks into Social Gaming

The world of social media and the various social elements available online is growing and creating all kinds of amazing opportunities for companies.  Of course, it can take time and effort to determine which opportunity works best for your comapny.  Sometimes the fit is just too perfect.


Recently Honda has entered the field of advertising in social gaming.  Social gaming is a type of game that connects players to multiple other players around the wrold, usually through a social networking site.  Facebook is filled with social games such as FarmVille, FrontierVille and, a new one, called Car Town.  Honda has now become an advertiser in Car Town.


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Car Town allows players to amass points so they can purchase cars of all types and then modify them and personalize them as much as they want.  They also keep their fleets of cars in personalized garages and can take their cars on road trips and other activities that earn them additional points.  Now, every billboard in the game is going to have an advertisement for the new Honda CR-Z. 


It is the first time the company has ventured into the world of social gaming.  So far the response has been very positive.  It has also increased the popularity of the game itself, creating a good back-and-forth between the advertisers and the game. 


While not every company is going to be a perfect fit for advetrising in a virtual world where people drive cars, there are more opportunities out there than many probably realize.  The number of social games coming on the market continues to grow at an amazing pace.  Each of them will afford companies of all sizes a chance to reach new audiences and further expand their brand and their company name.

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