Nice Guy Finishes First: The Quick Take

Joe Levy

Joseph Levy, Jr., Chairman of Levy Venture Management

Mr. Levy was the top dealership in the country for Buick for most of the 1970’s and owned car dealerships across the country, rising to be the biggest, most successful dealership for every brand he represented including Ford, Toyota, and Mitsubishi.  Joe is also the hub of the Saturday Morning Entrepreneur Group, the lasting legacy of an informal group he formed decades ago when businessmen would bring their cars into his dealership for servicing on Saturdays and needed something more interesting to do than read the lounge magazines.

The Quick Take:

Best Advice: “People mistake niceness for stupidity.”  Joe is a stunning example of being a nice person and being a successful business person being a winning formula.

Greatest Failure:  Not listening is Joe’s pet peeve.

Greatest Success:  Being on the General Motor’s President’ Council and the growing to be the biggest dealer for every other automobile line he sold.

What Makes Joe Crazy:  Very little makes Joe crazy, a practiced patience earned in his 80-some years, but I have noted that people that are always on the take don’t get invited back.

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