Interviewing the Interviewer: His Side of the Desk

Jay Campbell, Editorial Director, The BTN Group

The Journalist’s Perspective

Different jobs need different streams of information to stay relevant.  Some news they need every day, some once a quarter.  Jay continues to work on getting the right flow to the right people so that his news streams are indispensible.  Print still has a role because some content such as graphs or complex charts are easier to understand in larger print formats.  Searchable data and portability makes online sources valuable.  In the early seesaw days of print vs. online, we saw publications struggling to determine what goes online immediately and what gets held for print has given way in Jay’s publications to touching stories twice – a immediate online report and then potentially a deeper or broader perspective showing up in a print format.  Highly engaged audiences such as those that follow The Beat keeps the editors honest and the publication is able to quickly correct mistakes.

Key Points:

  • Tailor communications content, format and frequency to the needs of the audience
  • Involve stakeholders to keep content on-target
  • Trust your vision and take appropriate risks

Author’s Note: This might be news to Jay, but I once took a call from him from the top branches of a Crab Apple tree.  In the 90s I worked from a small office in my house before moving to K Squared World Headquarters.  I stepped away one sunny December afternoon to transform a backyard tree into a gum drop tree by smothering it with Christmas lights.  My cordless phone’s caller ID told me it was Jay and not one to waste a busy journalist’s time, I took the call from my perch in the upper branches.  Luckily I did not have to take copious notes, I got Jay the information he needed and that remains to this day as the only press call that caught me up a tree.

About the Author: Kate Koziol, president of K Squared Communications helps entreprenruers and other talented people and companies make more money by drawing positive attention to their products and services.


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