Interviewing the Interviewer: The Back Story

Jay Campbell


Jay Campbell, Editorial Director, The BTN Group

In 2004, Jay launched The Beat, an online corporate travel newsletter,  because he saw email newsletters as the next wave of business communications.  His Business Travel News bosses at the time did not share that opinion and had no interest in supporting such a venture.   So Jay struck out on his own.  As a young single guy, he felt he could take the financial and career risk because he knew he could always get another journalist job if the idea didn’t work out.

The first official day for The Beat was on Day One of the 2004 National Business Travel Association’s annual August meeting where Jay started signing up subscribers.  He had 35 by the end of the conference and started charging for subscriptions in October 2004.  The majority of the 400-500 free subscribers signed up for the paid version and Jay spent the next several years increasing subscribers, adding new publications and bringing on journalists to help cover all the news.

Jay Campbell had wanted to be a reporter since he was 12 and he started covering the high school sports news for the local community paper while still in high school.  He worked all through his Boston University years at Travel New England to help pay for his education.  He also did stints at Business Travel News and Bridge News and is now heading up the parent company of Business Travel News as Editorial Director.

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