Interviewing the Interviewer: The Quick Take

This is the first in a series of interviews with business leaders about their successes, their failures and the path they took.   We’ll cover:

  • The Quick Take –Nuggets of advice and self- assessed peaks and valleys.
  • The Back Story – How did they get to where they got?
  • What We Can Learn from His Side of the Desk –Insights from their work.

Interviewing the Interviewer

Jay Campbell, Editorial Director, The BTN Group

Jay Campbell has accomplished a feat that many entrepreneurs would envy.  He sold his company to ProMedia in 2006 and then sold ProMedia to Northstar in 2010.  Not bad for a start up that once shared office space with mold, mice and a marijuana-growing neighbor.

The Quick Take:

Best Advice: “Whatever you are doing it is going to be over soon – so don’t get riled up about what is going on today because it is going to change.”

Greatest Failure:  Accidentally emailing his mailing list to his mailing list.  He thought that would be a big issue, but turned out to be a mere blip that was soon forgotten by everyone but Jay who saw to it that that never happened again.

Greatest Success:  Identifying the changing news habits of the audience early on and using his available resources and open systems architecture to build a community of contributors and readers.

What Makes Jay Crazy:  Corporate employees who have forgotten about the First Amendment’s protection of the freedom of the press and blanket pitches.

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