I’m In, Are You?: The Back Story

Nate Lassiter, Co-Founder, Who’s In 

In 2006, Nate read a press release about a new company that was starting in the mobile marketing field.  At the time he was managing the digital division of a record label company, so he felt that he could bring a lot to the table.  He wanted to be a part of this new and exciting industry.  He was one of only two hired by Pliq in early 2007.  Each member of the team brought with them the skills needed to delve into this relatively new concept.  The founder brought his business skills, his co-worker had the technology skills, and Nate lead the creative side.

Nate’s work at Pliq helped him come up with new ways to launch products through this new world of mobile marketing and inspired Nate to create Who’s In.  He wanted a way to connect friends off line, as he values time spent with friends, and wanted to help facilitate these experiences for others.  Nate feels that they have the right tool to enable people to see what their friends want to do and vice versa, and they are still discussing ways in which to improve the current app.

While describing this new mobile technology, Nate likens the creation of the iPhone to Ford’s Model T.  The Model T changed the transport industry forever, as people at the time didn’t realize the impact this car would have on where and how they lived.  The same can be said about mobile phones and mobile computing as they changed the way we interact with each other and the way we interact with information.   He believes, just like the Model T, this new technology will offer a whole range of other services we are not even aware of yet.

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