I’m In, Are You?: The Big Picture and the Quick Take

Nate Lassiter of Who’s In

Nate Lassiter is currently the Creative Director of Phonevalley, a Publicis Groupe company.  He is also co-founder of the recently launched App Who’s In, http://app.seewhos.in.  a mobile app that allows people to save and share fun places they would like to go.

The Quick Take

Best Advice: Finding people that are willing to work hard to bring your ideas to life.  Nate says the most important part of building a team, is to surround yourself with people who have the right skill set needed to get the job done.  Nate knows firsthand that it is vital to listen to your customer base in order to create a successful product or service.

Greatest Failure: In one of Nate’s earlier ventures, he says he spent more time working on the business plan, and building out the website instead of talking to the people in his target market.  The result was a product that was more of a cool gimmick rather than a useful tool that people would embrace. 

Greatest Success: In 2010, when Nate joined Phonevalley as its Creative Director, there were only 3 members on the team.  They currently have 30 employees, revenue has tripled, and they now offer a broad range of client services under his guidance.

What Makes Nate Crazy?  People who say they want to do something, but don’t do anything about it.  Less talk and more doing is Nate’s mantra.

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