I’m In. Are You?: What We Can Learn From His Side of the Desk

Nate Lassiter, Co-Founder, Who’s In,

·          Knowledge is Key: Having a great idea will only get you so far.  Being able to execute and design apps or websites around your idea is crucial.  Building a highly desirable skill set, such as coding, is too important not to attain.

·          Mobile Industry of the Future: We have only seen the tip of the iceberg to date with how mobile phones and mobile computing will change how we do business.  It will offer business’ ways to communicate with customers that we cannot even imagine.

·          Listen and Learn: Know who your target market is, and look to them for constant feedback.  Knowing how people use and respond to technology, really listening to what they think, and understanding how they behave in their normal lives is imperative to launching a successful product or service.

·          Team Building:  The biggest obstacle a developer can face is trying to find the right team.  Spend time finding the right people, who have the skill sets needed to bring your ideas to life. 

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