Incorporating Facebook into your marketing strategies

If you are not familiar with the website known as, and you are spending time online for any of your company communications purposes, you should really check the site out.  They have great articles there about social media and how you can use it for your business.  In one of their most recent updates, they added a new article that offers 5 New Ways to Market Your Brand on Facebook.   

To read the entire article, just click HERE   

The article is full of interesting ideas and ways to use Facebook as a marketing tool. Some of them you might already be using.  For example, they talk about the use of photos.  However, Facebook has made some new improvements to their photos section that allows for higher-resolution photos to be posted.  Thus, it enriches the experience for visitors.

Facebook also recently added a New Groups section that allows for smalelr, specialized groups to gather and discuss various topics.  This is perfect for having a virtual focus group to go along with your Facebook page.  You can also pose questions using Facebook Questions or, if your company has a physical presence, such as a retail location, you can use Facebook Places.  Also, the article shows some interesting ideas for using the Facebook “Like” button, which is now showing up everywhere, including websites.

The uses of Facebook for general business purposes just seems to be growing.  So, too, are the other social media tools like Twitter and LinkedIn.  The days of having an office with one location and no global reach are really over.  Today, you can reach the other side of the world in just a few seconds.  Are you ready with your global message?  Perhaps you need to find someone who can help you craft it.

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