Just As Nature Intended: The Back Story

Nick Wallace of Wallace Farms

Nick Wallace of Wallace Farms

Nick Wallace, Co-Founder, Wallace Farms

The farm Nick calls home has been in the Wallace family since 1894.  As was typical of many farms back in the day, they raised cattle, grew a handful of crops and raised chickens on this 160-acre farm in Keystone, Iowa.  After WWII, agriculture changed because of the introduction of new chemicals.  Farms became more specialized and more productive.  In recent years Nick and his family however felt it was time to reverse back to the way their forefathers did things.  Grass fed beef cattle, huge gardens with squash pumpkins and potatoes; a couple of different types of pasture for grazing animals, laying hens and more are what you will find today at Wallace Farm, all in a pesticide, herbicide and hormone-free environment.

Nick also works with like minded farmers, and fishermen to provide the highest quality meats, seafood and produce directly to his customers. Working with other farmers with the same vision, was one of Nick’s greatest decisions.  Trying to raise all the animals and market them was overwhelming, now they can offer more choices without the fear of running out and not meeting their customers’ needs. Wallace Farm customers place their orders directly through their website at www.wallacefarms.com and have the option of 8 different drop-off sites to pick up their orders, including the Chicagoland area. Through word of mouth because of the superior quality of the product Nick supplies, they have experienced consistent growth over the past 5-6 years.

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