Just As Nature Intended: The Big Picture and The Quick Take

Entrepreneur Nick Wallace from Wallace Farms

Nick Wallace from Wallace Farms

Nick Wallace, Co-Founder, Wallace Farms

Nick and his family launched the Wallace Farms brand in 2001 to provide customers with the highest quality grass fed beef, other naturally raised meats, and wild seafood that are pesticide and hormone-free .


The Quick Take:

Best Advice: Communicate with your customer through your website and other social media so that customers feel like they know you, even if you have never met them face- to-face.  This helps overcome market hype that customers must wade through when hunting for truly healthier food options. 

Greatest Failure: Trying to accomplish everything himself.  Instead of trying to be the perfect farmer, Nick should have found other like-minded farmers to work with and he would have saved a lot of early headaches. 

Greatest Success:  Working 80/90 hours per week left Nick wondering would all this hard work ever pay off.  In a generation where instant gratification seems to be the norm, Nick learned that persistence was his greatest success.  Although what he was doing was not yet main stream, he had a gut feeling he was onto something big. 

What Makes Nick Crazy:  Nick’s cell phone makes him crazy.  It rings all the time, and disrupts the joy he has working on his farm.

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