Just As Nature Intended: What We Can Learn From His Side of the Desk

Nick Wallace, Co-Founder, Wallace Farms


Healthy Living: More and more people are looking for ways to eat in a healthier way.  They are looking for more reputable sources, as they don’t always trust what the labels say, or every marketing angle that are used by the big box producers.

Climate Change: Continued drought could have a potential devastating effect on farming.  If this trend continues Nick says there will not be enough sub soil moisture to produce the amounts of grain crops, which could crush farmers.  The best way to insulate yourself from this is through diversity, as mother nature is so unpredictable.

Cost of Land: If you do not have substantial financial support, or are fortunate to have family land, it is almost impossible for a small farmer to start up.  The only people who can afford upward of $10,000 per acre are the mega big farmers, who are often paying cash for land in order to avoid paying heavy taxes on their profits from grain production.

Cost of Production: Trying to grow as fast as our customers requires a big investment in infrastructure, time and labor.  These costs are passed on to our customers, so it is a very fine balance between providing the highest quality product and keeping up with demand in an affordable way.

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