Kate’s Kenya Journal – Are We Together? and What a Wonderful World!

r we 2gether lawrence's sign in hotel office
Quote of the Morning:

“Are my employees just cows to be milked?” Lawrence Musili, General Manager of the Thomson Falls Lodge.

Lawrence spoke to our students today. He spoke of taking the harder but honest room. You see, Kenya administration is rather ‘Blagoarchy’ and tips are common – but not with Lawrence. As a successful Kenyan business man he was able to share with the students that there can be another way.

The cadence of his speech had an almost rhythmic pulse, pulling you forward with him; ending many statements with “Are we together?” and some of the students nod and murmur “yes.” It was on target and very inspiring, like the seed of this new way has been planted. Lawrence has agreed to be a mentor to our newly formed Young Kenyan Entrepreneurial Association so he can help it grow.

What a Wonderful World

Theme lyric of the morning:

“I see leaves of green,

Red roses too,

I see all of this?

Because of you?

And I think to myself

What a wonderful world.”

Today up at 5, walking Thompson Falls at 615 – but being there along – even though it is within the protection of the Lodge – is most likely not smart, so I don’t venture too far. The morning schedule was not planned, yet perfectly timed, because when I went to the lobby a Masai Warrior followed me in – expanded earlobes – gauged to the size of silver dollars, worn open tire tread sandals, a beaded cuff around his left wrist and draped in plaid. In the photos of the Masai I never pictured plaid – but that is the pattern of their robes – very cool.

Friday afternoon update:

Drove to Masai Mara today – through mud and rocks and cliffs – made it in one piece. Saw zebra and wildebeest – could it be the start of the great migration? Also saw gazelle and one bunny – how does the poor thing cope? I was concerned for my safety and I am in a van.

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