Kate’s Kenya Journal – My Joanna

Joanne Shops

I have to give the entrepreneurial persistence award to Joanna.

Within the first hour of being at Thompson Falls, she approached me and asked if I wanted to see her shop up the hill.  I told her I would come, but I was going to visit the falls with my friends.  Upon walking back up to the main falls viewing area 15 minutes later, there was My Joanna, asking me if I wanted to see her shop now.  Now mind you, there are 20 shop stands at the falls, but My Joanna was really working the crowd.  I told her I need to go get some lunch, but that I would be back.  A couple of hours later, upon returning from our hippo walk, a group of shop owners were resting by the road.  I must have been 100 yards away – but Joanne gets up from her group, and walks into the center of the road and asks me again if I would like to see her shop – how could I say no?

Her shop is 30 feet away and has walls and a ceiling, but no electricity – so my friends and I shop by cell phone light.   I buy a ceramic dish with a giraffe on it for my good friend and business mentor Joe cause he has given me two giraffes because he says giraffes are lucky and I believe him.

Joanna, or My Joanna, as I like to call her, is tenacious but pleasant, focused and setting a great example for her twin girls.  So the first annual My Joanna award for best sales person goes to Joanne, the sharpest shopkeeper at Thompson Falls.

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