Kate’s Kenya Journal – Okay, so what is with the sugar prices?

In group discussions with Naomi, a shopkeeper, we talk about sugar prices and how when the wholesale price drops, she has to drop her prices.  We talked about getting together with other shopkeepers to buy in bulk or when the price drops from the supplier, buying more so she can expand her profit margin, – but she said it couldn’t be done.  I asked why and tried to explain the “buy low, sell high” concept, but she began to look at me as if I was an idiot.  So I backed off.

I asked one of the other trainers – ‘what’s with the sugar prices having to mirror the wholesale rate?’ and they commented that it is just a mindset that can be overcome.  I really did think that I must me missing some key point because you should have seen the look on her face – like I had just said – for the second time – the stupidest thing she had ever heard.

I am not encouraging price gouging, but everyone deserves a little profit.  If I have the opportunity to discuss sugar prices again with Naomi, I will re-present the bulk buying and the ‘buy low – sell high’ concepts – even at the risk of looking like an idiot.

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