Kate’s Kenya Journal – What’s In the Woodpile?

We have fireplaces in the rooms because there is no central heat and after the fireman comes – usually one of the marathon trainers that train around here because of the altitude – to light the fire, I go down to the wood pile underneath the stairs to get extra wood to keep the fire going through the night.

If it were not absolutely necessary to stoke the fire, I would not go to the woodpile because I know there are things – bugs, reptiles, creatures I have never seen – living in that woodpile. So I gingerly coax one of the sticks around the perimeter closer to the edge and then use that to call the next one out, until I have an armful I can manage up the flight of stairs.

I know if so much as a gecko surprises me when I am at the woodpile – my hair will stand on end, my eyes will bug out just like in the cartoons and I will skip any future woodpile runs.

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