Life Saver: The Big Picture and The Quick Take

The Big Picture

Rita Shuford, Ph.D. of Turning Corners Group

Rita Shuford is the president and cofounder of Turning Corners Group, a coaching and counseling practice headquartered in Kailua, Hawaii.  The company was founded in 2005 and it centers its work on the principles discovered by Sydney Banks, a noted philosopher and author.  The principles of divine mind, consciousness and thought are both simple and incredibly complex.  The belief that everyone has innate inner health that can be reinvigorated to allow for a happier, healthier existence is core to the Turning Corners Group practice.


The Quick Take:

Best Advice: Follow your heart and listen to your inner voice.

Greatest Failure: Trying to be a complete resource for everyone.

Greatest Success:  Transforming lives.

What Makes Rita Crazy:  When I get caught in my own intellect and feel overwhelmed.  I need to return to my own peace of mind.

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