Live Saver: The Back Story

Rita Shuford, Ph.D. of Turning Corners Group

Rita and her partners Cam Shuford, Louise Esselstyn and Robie Lovinger joined together to bring their strong belief of innate inner health to those that were wrestling with their own inner demons.  The group wanted to bring workshops, counseling and training programs based on the mind, thought and consciousness principles to their local communities and base the practices in their own company on those principles.  This positivity would be used to help people think more clearly, have better ideas and get along better in the world.  This transformation of people’s lives into healthier, happier existences from a state of depression and disease has no doubt saved lives.

Rita is a licensed psychologist and began her work running a counseling program in Oregon focusing on juveniles.  Rita knew early on that she could see a light in people’s eyes, that there was a glimmer of hope that could change their perception of who they were and who they could be.  When working on her doctorate, Rita listened to an audio copy of book The Missing Link, one of several books by Sydney Banks, and she knew that she had found the core principles that would shape her life and her practice for years to come.  Her doctorate thesis took seven plus years to complete and was based on the three principles of mind, thought and consciousness.

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