Looking Back Upon Success: The Back Story

right way wrong way

If there is a common theme among the back stories for our entrepreneurs, it is that the back stories are never quite the same.  Surely, by looking back, you can find some common themes, but overall, each entrepreneur had different reasons for starting their business.  Some of the reasons the various entrepreneurs we have written about started their own business and decided to drive down their own path include:

  • Getting passed over for a job
  • Proving themselves to their parents
  • Knew that there was a better way
  • Wanting to return to his roots

Despite all of these varied background, each of them felt that they had a better way of doing things.  They all had dreams of “building a better mousetrap.”  They look at the world differently and wonder how they can change it, how they can improve it.  They don’t necessarily accept the way things are, but look for a new path.  Their stories prove that a single person can make a difference.

If there is one thing that can be learned from these successful entrepreneurs it is this:  Success looks easy when you are at the top of the mountain, but it’s the hand over hand climb that others might overlook that make these business people leaders.

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