Looking Back Upon Success: The Big Picture and the Quick Take

right way wrong wayA little over a year ago, K Squared Communications decided it was time to look at some of the fantastic people we had worked with over the years, and to reach out to other entrepreneurs we wanted to know better.  The idea quickly grew from there as we soon were interviewing and talking to successful business owners and operators from around the world, to present unprecedented insight into how these entrepreneurs started out, how they learned the ropes, and how they achieved success.

We figured it was time to pause for a breath and take a look back at what we’ve learned over the course of that year.

The Quick Take:

We have spoken to business owners, politicians, scientists and more, over the course of the year.  Certain things seem to be consistent with each of them, even though each of them come from different backgrounds, had different ambitions, and started different companies.

An idea:  In nearly every case the entrepreneur had an idea.  It may have been considered crazy by some, and more than a few got little support, but they believed in that idea and believed in it enough to move forward with making it happen.

Mistakes:  In every case the entrepreneur had to learn as they went along, no matter how long they might have been in the business world before trying to strike out on their own.  Each made mistakes (some of them significant) along the way, but none of them let that deter them.

Determination: These business men and women had determination in abundance.  Even though they were knocked down, they got back up.  In some cases, almost through sheer force of will alone, they got their business not only off the ground, but to succeed.

No standing still:  In a few cases we interviewed entrepreneurs who had, technically, retired, only to find that their determination was so strong that they had to start another business venture.  A truly successful entrepreneur does not sit back, but keeps moving forward.


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